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Add 48, Yurim-ro 13beon-gil, Gyeongju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do
Tel 054-770-3114
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Main Products Auto body parts manufacturing

"ECOPLASTIC has infinite challenge and passion for creativeness."

ECOPLASTIC is providing its customers with the highest-quality products based on its constant management innovation and endless R&D. ECOPLASTIC is currently trying to not only satisfy its customers but also impress its customers so that it can truly become a world-renowned company.

  • 금형사업부

    Molding division

    Our molding division consists of the experts of each field. Our molding division can conduct automatic and unmanned mold production based on CAE data analysis, CAD/CAM and the unmanned mold processing equipment. Our molding division is creating an advanced molding plant by reducing mold production cost and period.

  • 성형사업부

    Forming division

    Our forming division is conducting an advanced production and process management on the basis of the standardized process system, such as raw material automatic supply system, unmanned automatic conveyor line and automatic robot blowout. In addition, our forming division is becoming a world-renowned eco-friendly plant based on its bumper recycle technology.

  • 자동화도장라인

    Automatic painting line

    Our automatic painting line (2 systems) can paint a maximum of 30 colors. In particular, it maintains the highest painting quality (AQL) based on its automatic paint supply facility and four-season automatic temperature control facility. In addition, it is Korea's largest single-purpose plant.